Is Amish Furniture Truly Trendy?

Is Amish Furniture Truly Trendy?

Can Amish Furniture Be Called Trendy?

It seems rather oxymoronic to say that Amish furniture is a trend. How can something that is classic, and has the durability of handcrafted, solid wood furniture be trendy? Trends come and go, but Amish furniture will last for generations. Indeed, Amish furniture will see many trends come and go but will remain a classic American style.


The Lasting Quality of Amish Furniture

What people may mean by calling Amish furniture trendy is that it is popular to buy and have in your home. There are so many things in our world these days that are engineered to be obsolete and disposable; Amish furniture from Oak Country Peddler is not one of these things.  That’s why we consider our solid wood furniture to be heirloom quality. It will last through generations of your family.


Classic Does Not Mean Boring

There is nothing wrong with wanting something contemporary and that expresses your stylistic choices. Amish Furniture is made in many styles, so you can be modern and classic at the same time. Our styles range from the modern classic Arts & Crafts with the Country Mission Collection in the Bedroom Collections to the  simple, almost minimalistic lines of the Urban Bow Collection in our Living Room Collection.  Either of these styles will remain classics because they embrace the Amish qualities of simplicity and durability.


When you are shopping for furniture that will be worth every penny you invest,  you can look to Amish-made furniture, and specifically solid-wood furniture that is handcrafted exclusively for Oak Country Peddler.  Come visit our 18,000 square foot showroom, and go home with an heirloom-quality piece of Amish-made furniture.

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