Solid Wood or Veneer?

Solid Wood or Veneer?

When you are shopping for heirloom-quality, Amish-made furniture, you are sure to come across the term ‘solid wood.’ You may think to yourself, what else would wood be, right? Well, you might be surprised that what passes as quality furniture is really less than what you want to spend money on. We’ll spend this week’s blog extolling the virtues of solid wood furniture over cheaper alternatives.

What is Veneered Furniture?

  • A veneered piece of furniture is made of one piece of wood. Nowadays, it’s often just a piece of particle board with a thin layer of a high-quality wood on top (i.e. Veneer).
    Veneers are slices of real-wood glued to fiberboard or other substrate.
  • The thin veneer is can range from 1/42 to about 1/8 of an inch thick and is bonded to the particle board with glue.
  • Sometimes veneered wood is desirable. For instance, if it is a historic piece of the veneer, it is a very expensive type of wood.
  • One con of a veneer piece of furniture is that it limits your refinishing potential, as the veneer is so thin that it will quickly be sanded away.
  • Veneer can also peel off the main piece of wood or board, leaving the particle board exposed.
  • Particle board is small pieces of wood pressed together with an adhesive.  Once the integrity of the wood has been breached, by a nail or screw, for example, it is more likely to split and crack.

Solid Wood Furniture

  • Solid wood means that there is one piece of wood on each plane of the furniture.
  • The Oak Country Peddler uses solid wood in all our pieces.
  • Repurposed solid wood tops – shown on the Heritage Collection.

    Both our hardwoods and our softwoods are sustainably grown in America.

  • The Amish furniture tradition is based on principles of simplicity and quality, and solid woods make these two qualities intrinsic to every piece we craft by hand.

If you want solid furniture of the highest quality, shop at The Oak Country Peddler. We are located in Greensburg, PA; just a pleasant country drive from Pittsburgh. Plan an outing and visit our 18,000 square foot showroom!


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