What Does Amish-made Mean?

What Does Amish-made Mean?

Oak Country Peddler is the home of heirloom-quality, handcrafted Amish furniture. We have an 18,000 square foot showroom in our furniture store, which is located in Greensburg, PA. In this week’s blog, we are going to discuss what it means when something is Amish-made? Does it mean that it is made by actual Amish people? And what does that mean? Or does it mean that it is made in the style of Amish furniture?  In our case, it means that all the furniture is made by Amish people, using traditional Amish techniques.


One hallmark of Amish furniture follows the ethos of the Amish lifestyle of simplicity. Most Amish live without the use of modern technology including electricity. This ethos can be seen, and felt, in each piece of furniture in how it is built to last. Dovetail joints, for example, are in all the best furniture and that’s what you’ll find in Amish furniture. You won’t find overly fancy, and easily broken and disposed of pieces in our collection. This furniture, be it for the living room, bedroom or dining room, is built to last for generations.


Besides quality workmanship, the materials you’ll find in authentic Amish made furniture at Oak Country Peddlers are the top of the line. We use only quality, solid wood; no plywood with veneers is to be found in our showroom.  


When you put simplicity and quality together, you get durability. When you buy a furniture from Oak Country Peddlers you know that it will be in your family for generations.

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