The Exquisite Beauty of Simplicity

The Exquisite Beauty of Simplicity

The Amish-made furniture that you will find at Oak Country Peddler embodies the classic Amish qualities of simplicity, durability, and utilitarianism.  Amish furniture is made from solid wood, and anything you order from Oak Country Peddler can be customized to your specific needs and desires.

Plain Doesn’t Mean Ordinary

When one speaks of the plain simplicity of Amish Furniture, it is usually about the absence of carved wooden detailing or the lack of busy prints on the materials, but this is not to say that Amish furniture is ordinary. One need only look at the Kingston Collection in the Bedroom Gallery to see an Amish furniture set that is anything but ordinary. The style of this set is based on the clean lines and flat panels of the Mission Style, but this has something else. This set has curves.

The curve of the side board on the bed frame turns what would already be a gorgeous bed into an exquisite organic piece that is reminiscent of a sleigh bed. A sleigh bed usually has a curved foot piece, but the Kingston Collection bed ends with a shelf type foot board that leaves the curve open and relaxed. The flat boards that make up the frame speak to generations of children and grandchildren who will find footing on them on their way up for a cuddle. This piece has the surprise of having two storage drawers integrated into the frame.

Stop by our 18,000 square foot showroom in Greensburg. Plan a day in the countryside, and go home with an heirloom piece of Amish-made furniture.

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