What Makes Amish Furniture so Desirable?

What Makes Amish Furniture so Desirable?

Amish furniture is widely known for being desirable, but why? We’ll briefly go over a few reasons today.


  • When discussing elements of design in home furnishing you’ll often find elements that are clearly either form over function or function over form.
  • When looking at Amish made furniture you will almost always find that it is the function over form element that dominates.
  • Any decorative item, can not be truly considered Amish, but an influence from another style.

Attention to the Wood

  • Amish craftsmen pay close attention to the wood they are working with.
  • You will find that grains should match up on a piece of furniture, much like seams on a shirt, they should match up as closely as possible, if the species of wood allows, and not all species allows this.
  • Know your woods when considering this element.


  • You won’t find elements such as veneers and decorative scrolls on furniture that falls under in Amish-style family.
  • Instead, you’ll find clean lines and a high level of functionality.
  • One element that may seem trivial to modern sensibilities is the bars that make the back of the chair.
  • Instead of a single piece of wood, you’ll find a series of bars.
  • In a Shaker home, for instance, the chairs were hung on the wall, on pegs, when not in use. This is a great example of function over form.

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