We are excited to introduce our NEW Norwalk Furniture line! This unique line is NOT your cookie-cutter run-of-the-mill furniture. Not only is each piece highly customizable, but it’s also manufactured by our neighbors in Norwalk, OH. Choose from an array of stunning fabrics, frames, and finishes to reflect your home’s decor!

Stylish Frames

Whether your style is Traditional, Contemporary,  or the updated classic feel of Transitional, Norwalk has high-quality upholstered furniture that is perfect for your space.

And Norwalk Furniture is handcrafted in the USA by local artisans with a focus on using American suppliers. 80% of parts come from American factories within 300 miles of the Family/Employee-owned facility and 70% of the fabrics come from domestic mills.

Stylish, High Quality and Made in the USA… THAT is the American Way!

High Performance Fabrics

Kids, pets, food, drink, light – some of the best parts of life – can wreak havoc on upholstery fabrics. With today’s more relaxed lifestyles, we like to live in every room of our homes.

We appreciate fabrics that resist stains, resist fading and clean easily.

  • Crypton®
  • Revolution
  • Sunbrella®
  • Microfibers
  • Inside Out®
  • Purely Protected Leathers®

Norwalk’s Performance Fabric Collection has hundreds of fabrics and leathers that meet industry standards for durability, soil resistance, colorfastness, and cleanability.

Made in the USA!

Take a look inside Norwalk Furniture’s doors and watch their talented team proudly come together to make beautiful, handcrafted upholstered furniture. Manufactured in Norwalk, OH.

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